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Incorporating your business in Singapore is a hassle-free process. With Beaufort as your partner, you will receive support throughout every step of the journey.


Conveniently start your company from home with our online business registration process, including document collection and signing, and final business incorporation.


Only takes 1 hour

By providing all necessary documents and information, we can swiftly incorporate your desired company in just 60 minutes.


Expert support

Stay fully compliant with ease! We are committed to providing you with a hassle-free experience and will work closely with you to ensure your full compliance at all times.

Incorporation Packages

Incorporating your business can bring many benefits, including personal asset protection, tax advantages, and increased credibility with potential customers and investors. 

Choose the package that’s right for you and let Beaufort take care of the rest.

Beaufort Start-Up Bundle

Includes the following benefits


Company Constitution


Company Kit


Minutes of First Board Meeting


Opening of bank account


Tax Consultancy Service for first year

Other Critical Services We Offer

Consider these add-on services on top of above packages.

Corporate Secretarial Service

Beaufort’s Secretarial Services assist your company to comply with the Act and covers

Registered Office Address

Receive alerts on mails collected, scanning of documents, and forwarding of mails

Nominee Shareholder Service

For a secure and confidential way to manage your company ownership

Payroll Service

Covers compensation and benefits computation, pay slip issuance, and mandatory contributions

How Incorporation Works

Unwavering support every step of the way when you incorporate with Beaufort

Step 1

Deal with Key Requirements

Every Singapore Company must-haves are the following:

At least 1 shareholder

Resident director

Company secretary

At least $1 capital

Registered Singaporean address

Step 2

Fulfill All Other Mandatory Requirements

Before officially filing your desired company with ACRA, additional information is required. We will provide you with a copy of your Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation and Business Profile, which are crucial documents to commence your business operations formally.


Company Information

Officers and Shareholders

Share Capital Information

Step 3

Set Up Your Banks and Accounting Books

We can help you establish your Singapore bank account and accounting books in compliance with Singapore regulations. with the assistance of Beaufort’s accounting experts, filing your mandatory documents is as simple as 123.

That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to incorporate a company in Singapore?

While we strive to incorporate your company within 60 minutes if all necessary information is provided, there is no guarantee that every application will be processed this quickly. Some applications may be referred to the relevant authorities and may take 14 days to 60 days to process.

List Of Referral Authorities:
Board of Architects (BOA) Singapore
Council for Estate Agencies (CEA)
Enterprise Singapore
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) – Charities Unit
Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) – Defence Industry & Systems Office (DISO)
Ministry of Education (MOE) – Private Schools Section
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) – ASEAN National Secretariat, Singapore
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) – Registry of Foreign and Political Disclosures (RFPD)
Ministry of Law (MinLaw) – Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA)
Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
Professional Engineers Board (PEB)
Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

How to choose a company name in Singapore?

In Singapore, two companies can’t bear the same name. So, you have to come up with a unique word or word combination. In case that your desired name is taken, you may try to chance of being referred to a Referral Authority due to having an identical name.

Can a foreigner be a director in a Singapore Company?

Yes! A foreign individual can be the director of a Singapore-based company. However, Singapore does not permit Corporate Directors but they can be Corporate Shareholders.

What happens after Incorporation?

Once incorporated, BEAUFORT will send you a Business Profile containing all your company details and your company UEN (Unique Entity Number) which you can use to register for license and opening a bank account.

What business structures are available for Singapore business registration?

A private limited company (PTE. LTD.) is a Singapore Company in which the shares are held by less than 50 persons. Most privately incorporated businesses in Singapore are registered as private limited companies.

Limited liability partnerships (LLP) allows companies to operate as partnerships while enjoying the benefits of a private limited company. LLP are separate legal entities. Partners will not be held liable for any losses or debts from the business.o Sole proprietorship essentially means there are no partners in the business. This means the owner can earn all the profits but also bear higher risk if anything happens.

What is the difference between adopting the Model Constitution in force at a point in time, and adopting the Model Constitution in force from time to time?

If a company opts to adopt the prevailing Model Constitution, it will be considered as accepting any future changes to its provisions made by law, without the need for any amendment procedures. The adoption of the Model Constitution at a given time signifies that it is fixed unless the company later makes alterations to it.

Do I need a local Singapore Address?

Yes, before you can incorporate your business in Singapore you must have a physical Singapore Address for your business. It is important to note that P.O. Box Addresses are not allowed.

Can I use my HBD flat address as my Registered Company Address

Yes. By being an approved tenant or homeowner, and after getting your written approval from HDB for your intended business activities, you are eligible to register your business or company using your residential address.

You can register to establish a home office in your personal home or HDB flat and hire up to two non-resident employees, with these conditions;

  1. You cannot display any business signs or advertisements outside your house.
  2. Your business activities should not make noise, should not produce smoke, odour, waste matter or dust.
  3. Your business should not cause elevated levels of traffic into your neighbourhood.
  4. Your business activities cannot be in the prohibited list of activities.

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